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Disney Fantasy Christening – A Star Studded Event

Back in December, I received a call from my District Sales manager to tell me that I would be invite to the Christening of the Disney Fantasy.  I was overjoyed!  I had been to the Disney Dream’s Christening and it was an amazing experience.  This would be much different, though.  For the Disney Dream, we arrived a day prior, stayed at the Wilderness Lodge and had a private party at the Magic Kingdom.  The next day we attended the Christening Ceremony at Port Canaveral, outside of curse, and then embarked on a two-night cruise.

For the Fantasy though, this would be in New York City during a cruise from Germany to Port Canaveral.  We would not be cruising or have a party in the Magic Kingdom.

As we walked over to the party, we saw the ship in the distance.  It was amazing to see her docked in the Big Apple!

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Ten Days Until the Fantasy Christening

Last year I attended the Disney Dream® Christening.  It was much different than the Disney Fantasy® Christening will be.

I remember in late December we were following the Dream on her journey across the ocean, hearing how those on the early January sailings of the Disney Magic® were treated to her site and sounds.  She then arrived in Port Canaveral for the first time.  Many gathered to greet her as she sailed down the channel toward the terminal.  It was certainly an exciting day!

After this followed several preview cruises where the crew “practiced” with Disney cast members and their families.  Photos emerged on many sites so we all had an idea of what they ship looked like inside.

Finally, on January 19 came the Christening.  It was a beautiful day in Port Canaveral when we gathered at the terminal on bleachers to watch the event.  We waited for a long time for the ceremony to begin then enjoyed the performance.  Afterwards, we had champagne and hors d’oeuvres to celebrate and pass the time until we would get onboard for our two night sailing.

The sailing itself wasn’t that remarkable.  We spent a lot of time exploring to see things that we hadn’t seen pictures of and to take more pictures of other areas.  It was a quick trip.  Set sail at 5:00 pm, at Castaway Cay the next day, back to Port Canaveral the next morning.  Don’t get me wrong, it was great to get onboard, it just was a quick cruise with nothing extra special, except of course the precruise event.

It will be much different with the Disney Fantasy.  Last week she set sail for her trip across the ocean.  We have seen some photos, but not a lot.  We haven’t seen any from inside the clubs of Europa.

On February 28, she will arrive in New York City.  Instead of this being the end of the Transatlantic Cruise and starting the “preview” cruises, this will merely be a four day stop and then continue on to Castaway Cay, followed by Port Canaveral and then the start of the “preview” cruises.

During this stay in NYC, there will be media and travel agent previews of the ship.  On March 1, 2012, an evening Christening will take place.  We have been told that there will be a small amount of time that we will be outside, but then we will be onboard for the remainder of the night.

So what do we expect for the evening?  What would you like to see happen?  What do you want us to check out on the ship?  Can’t wait!!

Celebrity Cruise Line Now Has The “Keys” to Silhouette

Yesterday in Germany, Celebrity Cruise Line took possession of the Celebrity Silhouette, its newest Solstice-class ship.  This event called the Key Ceremony, is when the ship builder transfers ownership from the builders to the cruise line.

On Thursday, July 21, Celebrity Silhouette will be officially named in the Christening event and Christening sailing for two nights. Her Maiden Voyage is on July 23 and she will relocate to Rome for a series of 12 night sailings before relocating to Bayonne, New Jersey. From Bayonne, Silhouette will sail to the Caribbean starting in November.

We have found some photos online of completed and nearly-completed areas of Silhouette. Enjoy!

Christening and Maiden Voyage Gifts

One of the really neat things about cruising on a Christening Voyage or Maiden Voyage of a new ship is the special things that happen. We have previously talked about the Christening event and how special that was, but there were also quite a few gifts that we got as well. Here are some of the special treats we received.

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