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I’m Dreaming of… Thanksgiving Dinner!

That title doesn’t sound very “travel-y”, does it?

Well, this Thanksgiving, my new husband and I are traveling 1,200 miles for a special Thanksgiving Meal.

No turkey and stuffing for us this year – I made an ADR at the Sci-Fi Dine In at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Sci-Fi is a lunch/dinner restaurant done up in 50s drive in style – Disney calls them “automo-booths”:

So my Thanksgiving Dinner Dream is of a chocolate/vanilla, Bailey’s & Kahlua shake

and spinach & artichoke dip (unless they can make their onion rings gluten free, then I’d definitely go with the onion rings!) which will pair perfectly with watching the B-Movie clips and cartoons on the movie screen!

After dinner, we’re heading over to the Osbourne Family Lights display to get a head start on Christmas!

Seattle, City Pass, Gluten Free, and a Little Wedding: The Forgotten Tour

One of the Seattle City Pass attractions we toured this summer was the Pacific Science Center.  The description sounded interesting (Pacific Science Center inspires a lifelong interest in science, math and technology by engaging diverse communities through interactive and innovative exhibits ), but it was mostly geared towards families with younger children, so we were left a little bored… with a few exceptions…

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Seattle, City Pass, Gluten Free, and a Little Wedding, Day 5, Part 4

Over to Air Force One – this was the first AFO and was delivered in 1959 to replace Eisenhower’s Super Constellation. Jet technology gave a president the opportunity to meet face-to-face with world leaders easily. SAM 970 has carried presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon, as well as VIPs such as Nikita Khrushchev and Henry Kissinger.

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Seattle, City Pass, Gluten Free, and a Little Wedding, Day 4, Part 2

I’m now going to ask for your forgiveness and patience, as this post has nothing to do with travel really, but is all about my daughter’s wedding. Of course, if you love weddings, then there’s nothing to forgive, is there? Sit back and enjoy!

My oldest daughter, Stephani, was marrying David. Their wedding party included my youngest daughter, Meghan. The bridesmaids dresses were short, black cocktail dresses, which each girl could accessorize as she wished, staying with the wedding colors of red and black. All of the girls chose red shoes! The most elaborate of which, worn by Meghan, almost deserve their own blog…

My precious…

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Seattle, City Pass, Gluten Free, and a Little Wedding, Day 5, Part 3

Sorry for the delay – I took some time off to get married…

It’s early afternoon on our last full day in Seattle, and we’re starting to feel the exhaustion of non-stop touring settling in.  Luckily, The Museum of Flight is something we’ve been looking forward to, so we soldier on!

One last Fast Pass, I mean City Pass, line (and I realized yesterday that I missed reporting on an entire attraction we did Friday!!! Oops! I’ll get back to that soon!)

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Seattle, City Pass, Gluten Free, and a Little Wedding, Day 5, Part 2

Ethan and I are in the middle of touring the EMP Museum in Seattle, WA. We have just entered…


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I’m Dreaming of……… Zebra Domes

There’s been a flurry of planning lately in my home – several trips and several weddings taking place, all within the span of one year.

Of course, my brain can’t focus on the nearest one (my own wedding at the end of September!) but instead keeps jumping forward to next February and our stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo House.  The atmosphere at AKL is one of my favorite Disney things – the smells, sounds, sights, and tastes stay with you and make you long for more.

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