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Dolphin Encounter & Turtle Farm on Grand Cayman

Editor’s Note:  Today’s blog is from our friend Louise Mullen who wanted to share her shore excursions with you.  Here is the first of two blogs with what Louise and her husband did on their recently Western Caribbean Cruise.  Thank you Louise!

Before describing either experience with the dolphins or turtles I would like to make a disclaimer.  There are people that are opposed to any wild animals being held in captivity and those people would be highly offended by both of these Disney excursions.  I understand that point of view, but realize that a few animals being “sacrificed” to spend their days interacting with humans in a large pool is a not all that terribly bad.  People learn about the effects of habitat destruction, over fishing, and global warming on these creatures, we are more able to appreciate the ocean wildlife.  We can learn our own way to do our part in order to save wildlife in general.

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Disney Wonder and 2013 — Where Will She Go?

On Monday, Disney Cruise Line® announced that they were canceling four of their Mexican Riviera sailings on December 9, 16, 23 and 30, 2012.  The question remains, what will they be doing instead.  There has been some speculation, and a few front runners have come to light.

Our prediction is that the Disney Wonder® will set sail on December 9, 2012 on a trip through the Panama Canal, with one stop being Grand Cayman on December 19.  Following this sailing, we predict that the Disney Wonder will not return to Port Canaveral, but will call another Florida port home, likely Miami.  We expect for the Spring season that the Disney Wonder will alternate Eastern and Western Caribbean sailings, again calling on Key West and Grand Cayman.  The rest of the year and the complete itineraries are still sketchy.

We expect a release of at least some of the dates for 2013 on the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder to happen by mid-January.  Keep in mind, we do not have any word from Disney Cruise Line on this, it is just our prediction based on port schedules, information from crew members onboard and surveys offered by Disney Cruise Line.

Are you interested in a Panama Canal Cruise or a Caribbean Cruise on the Disney Wonder?  If so, let us know and we can put you on our waitlist for when these dates are released if it comes to fruition.  Contact us at .

Cruise Shore Excursions

So you have booked your cruise vacation and starting to look into the various ports of calls you will visit.  How do you know what to do in each of these ports of call?  Many first time cruisers will turn to their travel agent and say “what’s the best shore excursion for me to book in X?” but how then does the travel agent help with this decision?

I can certainly tell you what my favorite shore excursions are, but what if you don’t like the same things I do?  That doesn’t mean that the other shore excursions are not as good as what I’m going to do.  They may actually be better.

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USS Kittiwake To Be New Dive Site in Grand Cayman

On January 5, the USS Kittiwake, a decommissioned submarine-rescue vessel from World War II sank in 62 feet of water at the north end of the Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman.

This ship will now be part of an artificial reef for divers and snorkelers in Grand Cayman.  The top of this ship is approximately 15 feet from the surface.  Local online news service Cayman 27 reported Premier and Tourism Minister McKeeva Bush said the creation of this artificial reef “represents the single most significant occurrence in a decade for Cayman’s dive industry.”

To prepare the ship for the sinking, all hazardous chemicals and materials are removed and cutouts are opened up to allow in natural light.  Divers will be able to see the engine room, dive locker, air bank storage and recompression chamber on the vessel.

In addition to Grand Cayman being a vacation destination by air, many Western Caribbean cruises make calls on Grand Cayman as one of their ports.

Grand Cayman with Captain Marvin’s

I have heard from many others about Captain Marvin’s tours in Grand Cayman so we decided to give them a try.  Their all day snorkel trip which included Stingray City, two snorkel spots and lunch cost $4 less than NCL’s comparable trip which only had one snorkel stop and no lunch.  Already we felt it would be better.  We were told when we signed up that they needed a minimum of 10 people to do the all day trip, but if it was canceled, we would just do the half day trip.  The only difference between these two was the beach break with lunch.

The only issue with Captain Marvin’s was that they didn’t let us know in advance that the trip wasn’t happening and we were now on the 10:00 am half day tour.  As a result, we checked in at 8:45 and had an hour before our bus started loading.

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