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Bars and Nightclubs on the Disney Fantasy

During our Magical Preview cruise on the Disney Fantasy recently, we had a chance to explore some of the bars and nightclubs on the ship. This is one area where the Disney Fantasy is better than the Disney Dream, in my opinion. In no particular order, here they are.

Outlook Bar

Located in the forward funnel on deck 14, this is a great place to watch the sunset.  I’m not sure how often the room is actually open.  On the Navigators it says “Sunset”.  On our cruise this was used primarily for media.

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Disney Fantasy’s Europa

We spent some time at Europa while on the Disney Fantasy® for her Christening Celebration.  I really liked this area of the Fantasy, more than its counterpart on the Disney Dream®, and I enjoy the District!  Europa takes you on a circle tour of various European countries.

When you approach Europa, the first club you will come to is La Piazza.  This is reminiscent of an Italian piazza.  The bar, in the middle of the room, looks like a carousel.  There are Venetian masks adorning the walls and there is even a Vespa with a sidecar in this area.

Moving counterclockwise will bring you into O’Gills Pub.  This is a typical Irish bar, but here you can also catch the big game.  There are TVs and big screens for watching sports in this bar.  O’Gills Pub will feature a red lager draft made especially for the pub, a private label Irish Cream and vintage Irish Whisky.  There will be tastings of O’Gills Irish Cream, Kilbeggan Irish Whisky and Irish coffee.

Next up is Skyline.  This location is just like her counterpart on the Disney Dream, except it is larger with an extra seating area and a different location for the door.  The views out the “windows” are of various European skylines.  The menus in this bar light up, making them readable in the darker environment.  Cocktails on the menu are themed towards the cities represented on the wall.

The back door of Skyline will take you down a short hall to the side door of The Tube.  This is the dance club located where Evolution is on the Disney Dream.  Decorates to look like The Tube (London Underground).  The carpet is a route map.  Seats on the outside walls look like seats on the subway with subway type poles and hand straps.  This fun club is complete with red English phone booths by the stage.

When you leave The Tube through the front door, you will come to a meandering hallway.  In here you will find bathrooms, similar to those on the Disney Dream (remember the circle stalls?), but the walls are covered with mosaic art.  Once through this area, you’ll notice the cobblestone floor that will lead you back to La Piazza.

But before heading back into La Piazza, take a right and stop in Ooh La La!  This champagne lounge has the look and feel of a French boudoir.  The bar backdrop is a wall of bubbles.  While in Ooh La La, we were entertained by a couple of “French girls”.  We were told that this sort of entertainment will happen periodically in the lounge.  We also checked out the signature champagne for this lounge – Ooh La La.  This is a special Taittinger Nocturne with Jessica Rabbit gracing the bottle.  You may purchase this champagne or the Taittinger Fantasy champagne to take home with you!

Finish your trip around Europe back at La Pizza with a classic Italian drinks, such as Prosecco, grappa, limoncello and have an almond biscotti.

Disney Fantasy Christening – A Star Studded Event

Back in December, I received a call from my District Sales manager to tell me that I would be invite to the Christening of the Disney Fantasy.  I was overjoyed!  I had been to the Disney Dream’s Christening and it was an amazing experience.  This would be much different, though.  For the Disney Dream, we arrived a day prior, stayed at the Wilderness Lodge and had a private party at the Magic Kingdom.  The next day we attended the Christening Ceremony at Port Canaveral, outside of curse, and then embarked on a two-night cruise.

For the Fantasy though, this would be in New York City during a cruise from Germany to Port Canaveral.  We would not be cruising or have a party in the Magic Kingdom.

As we walked over to the party, we saw the ship in the distance.  It was amazing to see her docked in the Big Apple!

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