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We just got back from our Twincess granddaughters first trip to Disney World. Since this was going to be a special vacation, I ordered Disney’s PhotoPass+.

If you’ve been to Disney World, no doubt you’ve seen photographers throughout the parks who take your photo at prime locations as well as at the character meet and greets. Then there are the attractions where your photo is taken as well as the character meals which offer a souvenir photo package. With the PhotoPass+, every single picture is included.

All of the photos will be accessible to you online and, at the character meals, you’re given the initial group shot they take prior to dining. At the end of our vacation, we had 4 souvenir folders of photos to take with us as well as 122 photos on the PhotoPass.

Once you’re online, you can have some fun with the pictures. There are borders, character autographs, different colorations, etc. that you can add. I put my daughter-in-law in charge and, since each addition creates a new photo as well as keeping the original image, we now have over 200 photos on our CD. It also includes a ton of stock images that you can add to your memories.

Even for a proud Grandma, that’s a lot of pictures. Since the PhotoPass+ includes a release that allows you to get them printed anywhere, I’ll be choosing my favorites to display.

The best part, by ordering ahead of time it was $149 instead of the $199.95 it would cost had we waited until we arrived. (You have to order it a minimum of 2 weeks prior to arrival.)  It’s only $30 more than the regular PhotoPass CD.

While at first glance it may seem $$$, between what the out of pocket cost at just the character meals and attractions would have been, it’s a bargain. Only last year I paid around $20 for just two 4×6 photos of one pose.

Another bonus is that everyone is in the picture!! No one has to be behind the camera. That was our family joke for years. I was never in a photo and my husband was never in the videos.

There isn’t a souvenir that’s better than a picture that captures each amazing moment. Just ask your Travel On A Dream agent to order the PhotoPass+ and you’ll be on your way.

MyMagic+ and My Disney Experience

Today we heard more from Tom Staggs, Chairman at the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, about MyMagic+ in his blog.  Over the years Disney has been creating more immersive and interactive ways to experience the parks.  From interactive queues and games, Disney is finding new ways for you to experience the same parks again and again.  The queues offer new experiences as you wait for the rides.  The games take ordinary artwork and displays and turn them into fun games and new obsessions!  I have friends who play the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.  They are trading cards that they receive from the game to complete their sets.

We have mentioned before about FastPass+, a system that allows you to preplan your trip and set up times to experience select FastPass attractions.  Instead of collecting FastPasses when you arrive at the park, you can select times in advance of your trip to experience the rides.

Now we are hearing about MyMagic+.  This includes the My Disney Experience website and mobile app, giving you the ability to plan your trip online before arrival, plus last minute information on everything Walt Disney World has to offer.  Staggs indicates that since not everyone likes to plan in advance, the My Disney Experience allows those who don’t like to plan to go with the flow.  Using their smartphones after arrival, everyone can modify their plans instantly.  How will this all work when you arrive?  Guests will wear the MagicBand.  This wristband will replace the Key to the World card and become your room key, theme park ticket, FastPass+ ticket, PhotoPass card and optional charge card.

Last month more testing was done on this system.  They will continue testing and tweaking the system.  No word on when the program will go live, other than Staggs indicating they will share more in the months ahead.

Now it’s your turn.  What do you think about MyMagic+?  Are you looking forward to it at the parks or has Disney gone too far in controlling your experience?

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