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Disneyland Paris Review

Editor’s Note:  Today’s blog is from our friend Anita Newling who recently visited Disneyland Paris.  Thanks Anita!

It was by chance that we found ourselves at Disneyland Paris. A strange mixture of fate and Mummy Math (the thing I do to justify spending on Disney related things!)

We had to fly to the UK for a family wedding and flying via Paris was much cheaper. So we decided to blow what we’d saved on a few days in the French Capital! And being the Disneyphiles that we are, even surrounded by the art and culture of Paris, we couldn’t stay that close to a Disney park and not have a day trip!

And then a day trip turned into an overnight stay! Continue reading

Lunch at the new Spice Road Table

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to try Walt Disney World’s newest restaurant, the Spice Road Table. It is located in the Morocco pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase. The restaurant is described as offering ‘small plates from around the Mediterranean’.

photo 1

The variety and quantity of items, both food and beverage surprised me.

Once you pass the maître de stand, you enter the center of the establishment, a seat-less bar. This bar serves the large assortment of wines, aperitifs, cordials and liquor based drinks that are offered on the menu. Continue reading

Seattle, City Pass, Gluten Free, and a Little Wedding, Day 5, Part 3

Sorry for the delay – I took some time off to get married…

It’s early afternoon on our last full day in Seattle, and we’re starting to feel the exhaustion of non-stop touring settling in.  Luckily, The Museum of Flight is something we’ve been looking forward to, so we soldier on!

One last Fast Pass, I mean City Pass, line (and I realized yesterday that I missed reporting on an entire attraction we did Friday!!! Oops! I’ll get back to that soon!)

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Disney and MagicBands

Editor’s Note:  Today’s blog is from our friend Tiffany who recently had a chance to test Disney’s new MagicBands!  Thanks Tiffany!

It was nearly a month ago when my email, text, and facebook messages starting blowing up simultaneously. What was the reason? My friend was excitedly telling me that she had gotten us signed up to test Disney’s new Magic Bands! We each received a custom band, a one day park ticket, and we shared a room overnight and all we had to do was report back on our experience.

First off, the bands are CUTE! Each person gets to select their color (out of pink, green, red, orange, blue, grey, or yellow) and chooses the way their first name displays on the inside of the band. This is what the color selection screen looks like for the app:



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Catamaran Experience and Snorkel Sail

Editor’s Note:  Today we have another shore excursion from Louise Mullen from her recent visit to Disney’s Aulani.  Thanks again Louise for a fantastic review!

We met in the lobby of Aulani for our van ride to the marina where we were to meet up with the catamaran.  There was a little bit of a holdup over, of all things, towels…A bit of confusion over who wanted to sit where in the vans.  These were no big deal, small hiccups.  This excursion was run by a private tour company in conjunction with Adventures by Disney.  The van drive was less than a half hour drive to get to the marina.  We were greeted and our shoes were stored in a bin on the dock.  So it was a “barefoot cruise”.  Once on board the crew did introductions and the mandatory safety check.  We were told the dos and don’ts of the restrooms, and where the life vests were stored etc.

2013-07-01 13.31.11 Continue reading

Manoa Valley Rainforest and Bamboo Forest Hike

Editor’s Note:  Today’s blog comes from our friend Louise who recently visited Aulani in Hawaii and participated in several excursions.  Here is her review of one.  Follow our blog for more reviews from Louise! 

We met in the lobby of Aulani for our air conditioned bus ride.  Matthew, our Adventure by Disney guide, gave us background during the half hour ride.  We rode past Pearl Harbor, the airport, and the outskirts of Honolulu.  He related how the west side of the island of Oahu was arid as there were cacti growing along the highways.  The east side of the island and around the mountains receives over 200 inches of rainfall a year.  Therefore the mountainous areas are mostly covered in rainforest.

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We just got back from our Twincess granddaughters first trip to Disney World. Since this was going to be a special vacation, I ordered Disney’s PhotoPass+.

If you’ve been to Disney World, no doubt you’ve seen photographers throughout the parks who take your photo at prime locations as well as at the character meet and greets. Then there are the attractions where your photo is taken as well as the character meals which offer a souvenir photo package. With the PhotoPass+, every single picture is included.

All of the photos will be accessible to you online and, at the character meals, you’re given the initial group shot they take prior to dining. At the end of our vacation, we had 4 souvenir folders of photos to take with us as well as 122 photos on the PhotoPass.

Once you’re online, you can have some fun with the pictures. There are borders, character autographs, different colorations, etc. that you can add. I put my daughter-in-law in charge and, since each addition creates a new photo as well as keeping the original image, we now have over 200 photos on our CD. It also includes a ton of stock images that you can add to your memories.

Even for a proud Grandma, that’s a lot of pictures. Since the PhotoPass+ includes a release that allows you to get them printed anywhere, I’ll be choosing my favorites to display.

The best part, by ordering ahead of time it was $149 instead of the $199.95 it would cost had we waited until we arrived. (You have to order it a minimum of 2 weeks prior to arrival.)  It’s only $30 more than the regular PhotoPass CD.

While at first glance it may seem $$$, between what the out of pocket cost at just the character meals and attractions would have been, it’s a bargain. Only last year I paid around $20 for just two 4×6 photos of one pose.

Another bonus is that everyone is in the picture!! No one has to be behind the camera. That was our family joke for years. I was never in a photo and my husband was never in the videos.

There isn’t a souvenir that’s better than a picture that captures each amazing moment. Just ask your Travel On A Dream agent to order the PhotoPass+ and you’ll be on your way.

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