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Top Ten Non-Park Activities at Disney World

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“Help!  I’m in Disney World, and I’m bored.”  Yes, that is something I’ve said to myself on a Disney World vacation a few years back.  I was tired of doing the same theme-park stuff, and I felt like I was stuck in a rut.  I wanted something different to do beyond the theme parks, so I started investigating.  Here is my “top 10 non-theme-park Disney To Do” list:

1.  Spa services.  Most deluxe resorts, and Coronado Springs, have a spa.  While some are bigger than others (the spas at the Grand Floridian, Saratoga Springs, and the Walt Disney World Dolphin are the largest), they all offer traditional spa treatments.  So far, I’ve booked spa services at the Grand Floridian (massage), Saratoga Springs (manicure), and the Villas at the Wilderness Lodge (massage).  By far, my favorite was the Villas at the Wilderness Lodge.  Thankfully, two of these three treatments were gifts, but if you have extra money in your Disney budget, this is an amazing way to beat the theme park burnout.  I recommend getting a spa treatment mid-trip, so that you get the stresses of theme park touring massaged (or facialed or manicured or pedicured) out of your body, and you’re relaxed for the second half of your vacation. Continue reading

Where Do You Want to Cruise?

For those not familiar with cruising, you may think that cruises only go to the Caribbean or the Mexican Riviera.  Most probably realize that ships also go to Alaska and the Mediterranean.  But where else can you go on a cruise?  Just about anywhere!

The most popular cruising destinations are the Caribbean, Europe and Alaska.  But there are so many more places to cruise.  The Bahamas and Caribbean cover a wide area with the Bahamian islands down to Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, to the Leeward Islands and Windward Islands and Netherlands Antilles to the east and South.  To the West there is Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica, Belize, Cayman Islands, Jamaica and even the Panama Canal.  Caribbean Cruises operate year-round, but fewer companies offer these sailing in the summer months.  Panama Canal sailings can be a half transit (roundtrip sailing) or a full transit (repositioning sailing).

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Visit San Juan – A Port For Many Southern Caribbean Cruises

Editor’s Note:  Today’s blog comes from one of our agents, Theresa.  Theresa cruised out of San Juan earlier this year on Carnival Cruise Line.  Her contact information is at the end of the blog for more information about San Juan, Carnival Cruise Line or any of your travel needs.

If you are cruising out of San Juan, Puerto Rico I suggest if possible spending a day before or after the cruise to explore the area.  Try to stay right in Old San Juan, but if nothing is available it is an easy taxi ride (or walk if you are ambitious from several of the hotels in San Juan.

Old San Juan has an “old world charm” with cobblestone streets, cute gift shops & restaurants with a wide variety of cuisine.

A “must see” are the forts located on the northern west corner Castillo San Felipe del Morro & east corner Castillo de San Cristobal – these can be referred to as the castles by the locals. You can explore both forts from the outside for free or for a minimal fee you can tour inside them. On the weekends Castillo San Felipe de Morro is a haven for all the locals. Friends & families congregate on the fort grounds & fill the sky with kites of all shapes & sizes. It is truly a site to see.

If you have the time & energy you can easily walk the whole circle of Old San Juan, however if you get tired, hot or want a rest there are trolleys that run free of charge.  One caution however during lunch & the evenings these can be full with the locals.

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