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Sail With Captain Max

On our ToaD Fantasy sailing, a small group of us decided to go sailing and snorkeling to St. John.  We wanted to make this a private event so I checked with a number of different providers, finally setting on Sail with Captain Max.  Right from the start we felt very comfortable with Captain Max.  She answered all of my questions.  I am always concerned about doing an independent excursion on a cruise because there are so many variables – will we get in to port, will we be on time, can we enjoy ourselves and still make it back before the cruise sails away?  All legitimate questions.  Max assured us that if we didn’t make it in, we wouldn’t be charged.  We exchanged cell phone numbers so we could advise her of any issues at the last minute.  She said we could arrange the same taxi driver to take us back.  That works!

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What Makes a Snorkeling Trip Successful?

We have been cruising for the last ten years, snorkeling every chance that we can get.  We have snorkeled at St John, St Thomas, two different Buck Islands, Bahamas, Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Antigua, Barbados, Belize and Isla Roatan.  After a couple bad experiences with masks leaking, we bought our own and have been much happier.  When you are cruising and selecting shore excursions, you have no idea what the weather will be like.  Obviously if you have a storm with lightening, the excursion will be cancelled, but what about rain or clouds?

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Reduced Priced Balcony Staterooms Still Available

We’ve mentioned before that we will be having a group sailing on the October 20, 2012 Disney Fantasy.  We still have a few rooms available at pricing lower than current prices.  The deposits are $250 per person.

This is an Eastern Caribbean cruise with stops at St. Maarten, St. Thomas and Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay.  We will be planning special events for all cruisers booked through Travel On A Dream.  Contact us today for your quote.  Email for pricing information. 

Cruise Shore Excursions

So you have booked your cruise vacation and starting to look into the various ports of calls you will visit.  How do you know what to do in each of these ports of call?  Many first time cruisers will turn to their travel agent and say “what’s the best shore excursion for me to book in X?” but how then does the travel agent help with this decision?

I can certainly tell you what my favorite shore excursions are, but what if you don’t like the same things I do?  That doesn’t mean that the other shore excursions are not as good as what I’m going to do.  They may actually be better.

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Are You Kidding Me?

Yesterday afternoon I was looking out my window and though I saw something that I haven’t seen for months.  I took a few moments to go outside to see if it was real and sure enough!  There was a couple leaves coming out of the ground from the first crocus of the year!  Seeing this inspired me.  Most times in the winter we go outside and have to shovel the snow off the drive way.  We do this as soon as we can so that the blacktop driveway peaks through and attracts the sun, melting the remaining snow away so we don’t have an ice skating rink.

When it gets warmer in February and March, I do just the opposite.  I start to shovel the snow from the snowpiles back into the driveway so it will melt faster.  Believe me, it is much easier to watch snow melt than it is to watch the grass grow!

I was enjoying the mid-30 degree temperatures and watching the snow turn to water and trickle down my driveway.  Spring will be here soon!  I went to bed happy that my newly planted crocuses, right outside my office window, would be up and blooming soon.

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