Cruise Tips

Cruising 101

For those cruising on Disney Cruise Line, here are deck plans for the ships.

Disney Dream & Fantasy Deck Plans
Disney Magic & Wonder Deck Plans

Here are some tips that we have compiled to take you through all stages of planning and taking a cruise. If you have questions not covered in this guide, please email us at and we’ll update this information.

Booking The Right Cruise
Group Space
Cancelation and Payment Policies
Getting to the Port
Dining Times
Hurricane Season/Holidays
Adding/Removing Passengers
Muster Drills
Itinerary Changes
Onboard Charges
Prebooking Excursions/Spa Appointments/Specialty Restaurants
Pre/Post Nights & Cruisetours
Cruise Meets/Fish Extenders/Decorations
Onboard Activities
Onboard Airline Check In/Transfers From The Port
Dinner Time On the Ship
Motion Sickness
Repeat Cruiser Clubs
Rebooking Onboard
Typical First Day Onboard

Any questions? Post them here and we’ll answer them for you.

 Cruises Reviews

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  1. Nice collection of tips here! By the way I have a blog of my own where I post cruise tips for families as well as first timers Check it out and tell me what you think. Keep up the great work.


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