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ToaD is Running for Rescues On Disney Fantasy?

Yes, that’s right!  On our recent Disney Fantasy sailing, we had originally planned to do the 5k on Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay.  As we approached the cruise date, we realized that we would be getting to Castaway Cay a bit later than would be comfortable for walking or running.  We wanted to start the race a bit earlier.  That way we would also be able to enjoy our full day on Castaway Cay.

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To Those Left Behind

Editor’s Note:  This blog is brought to you from one of those “left behind” as we prepare for the first ToaD Fantasy sailing.  Thank you Todd Carrier!

Where is your breaking point? At what point is it too much?

You want to be happy for your friends. They are wonderful people. They hold a very special place in your heart. They are going on a fabulous cruise vacation–without you. You are unable to attend because you are chained to fiscal responsibilities and a limited number of vacation time available to take.

You’ve watched them plan their voyage for nearly two years. Arrival parties. Group excursions. Private group tastings. Gift exchanges. Private dining events. You’ve sighed as you watch their countdowns tick away. First months. Then weeks. And days. Finally hours. You’re ready to snap. You can’t take it anymore.

You can recount your vacation time and how you spent it that year. Mostly with these same friends. Sometimes without any of them. Taunting them nearly as much as they are taunting you. The proverb, “what goes around, comes around” really does ring true. You can ask your friends to have fun for you and post lots of Facebook photos and updates. But you are still stuck in the grey dreary everyday in October while they are over a thousand miles away, basking in the surf and sun.

You can remove yourself from the email and Facebook subscriptions, but you derive an obscure sense of pleasure from knowing, from seeing, from being kept on the outside of the looking glass. You’ve peeped for this long, it feels just as wrong to stop watching as it does to continue.

You could also take advantage of your annual pass and some killer air line deals and credits and fly across the country–putting yourself a thousand miles from them. Enjoying something wonderful…but you’d still be stuck thinking about them. And how much this friend would adore that attraction and that friend would loath that restaurant or how much fun it would be to walk arm in arm, shoulder to shoulder down the other Main Street with them.

I guess it is either grin and bare it or find new friends. Since I’m sort of partial to most of them, I think I will just take it on the chin. After all, it’ll be a memory far too soon for any of them.

Dress Rehearsals Held at the New Fantasyland

Editor’s Note:  This blog is brought to you by our agent Erin!  Thanks Erin!

This past weekend at the Magic Kingdom guests were welcomed into the Enchanted Forest area of the New Fantasyland expansion.  As you enter the Enchanted Forest, the first attraction is Enchanted Tales with Belle where selected guests become part of the tale being told by Lumière. Guests wind through the pathway leading to Belle’s house.  Inside you will find a checkerboard table and chairs, stacks of books and a reading table by the fire place.  Then a certain number of guests are allowed into Maurice’s workshop where drawings of his designs are tacked on the wall and completed projects can be found around the room. After a little story telling guest then travel the magic hallway to the bedroom in Beast’s Castle where Madame Armoire is waiting to help with the assignment of roles.  Once all of the roles have been assigned to children and adults everyone then enters the ballroom where Belle and Lumière are waiting to tell the tale of Beauty and the Beast.

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We’re Going On A Cruise!

We are in the final count down!  The bags are packed.  We’ve been watching the weather forecast and looking forward to warmer temperatures.  Facebook friends have been reporting soft openings of the New Fantasyland.  All we need to do is get through one more day of work and then we are off to Disney World and the Disney Fantasy!!

We have been planning this trip for the last two years.  Two years ago we decided we wanted to do a group cruise around Halloween, going to the Eastern Caribbean, on Disney of course!  As soon as the dates were available to book, our date was set and the planning began.  Now it is just three full days away, it almost seems unreal!  People have been telling me that they wish they were going on the cruise.  Others wonder what we are doing.  We will be posting some updates and hopefully a blog or two from the cruise, but wanted to give you an idea of what we will be doing.

Friday night, we will be having an informal gathering outside at the Boardwalk.  We’re hoping to see Illuminations without having to need tickets.  Then it’s off to bed to get ready for our bus ride to the port in the morning!  Yes, we have a bus coming to take many of us to Port Canaveral.  The excitement on the bus will be monumental when we see the Disney Fantasy for the first time as I am the only one who has been on the Fantasy.

Once onboard, we will have various meets in Europa, for trivia, at the pool, you name it!  We also have planned a ship tour, scavenger hunt, private beverage tastings, cabin tours, Twilight Fan meet, gift bags, mini golf tournament, a special 5k for Running for Rescues, and the ever popular AskTracy meet!  We could have done so many other things but we want to focus on what Disney has to offer its guests.

In St Maarten, we have a large group going on a private tour with Bernard’s Tours.  I’m sure there will be some great stories there!  We will be going on the 12 Metre Regatta.  This will be a first for us!  In St. Thomas, we have a private sail and snorkel excursion.

As part of this cruise, we wanted to do some fundraising to help an organization.  We chose Running for Rescues (RfR), a non-profit animal rescue organization.  This started because RfR asked me to do a 5k on their behalf.  I decided I would do the 5k on Castaway Cay.  I started fundraising and convinced a few others to join me on the 5k.  We had a t-shirt design made and formed a team with a common goal.  To date we have 28 people walking or running with us!  This didn’t seem good enough to me though.  I proposed that Travel On A Dream secure the private dining rooms at both Palo and Remy adult restaurants.  ToaD would pay for the dinners and our guests would bid to be in the room.  To date all contributions as a result of this fundraising effort (including the amounts raised by our individual 5k participants) is nearly $3,000!!  For you to contribute to our fundraiser, CLICK HERE.

Most of our cruisers haven’t been on a cruise longer than 4 nights so this will be very special for them all.  We feel that Disney does a fantastic job entertaining guests of all ages.  We want to be sure to showcase what they do best and leave our events to just taking advantage of Disney and experiencing all that we can.

For those that are not on this cruise with us, there is always another group!  We have a sailing next April on the Oasis of the Seas and next September on the Disney Magic.  Won’t you join us?

runDisney presents: The Inaugural Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10 Miler

Editor’s Note:  This blog comes to us from Todd Carrier on his review of the Inaugural Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10 Miler race last month.  Thanks Todd!

A hauntingly good time or sinister loss of magic?

When this race was first announced, I was rather excited. I seem to be addicted to runDisney events. Due to financial responsibilities and lack of vacation days, I thought I would be unable to take part in the inaugural running of this event; however, the fates aligned and I was able to set it up and secure a bib just days before the race sold out. The ToT10M would be my 9th runDisney distance event. I arrived with plenty of expectations. Having done a fair number of long runs on Disney courses, I felt assured there would be plenty of on course entertainment. I was also aware that this was an inaugural race, so there would undoubtedly be a hitch or two.

The Health & Fitness Expo is a mandatory stop for all runDisney events, as it is where you pick up your bib, race shirt and assorted swag. It also gives you a chance to listen to presentations by experts in health and fitness (with a focus on running) and peruse assorted race sponsor’s displays and vendor’s wares. The offerings and booths were slim for this expo–even for an inaugural event. The volunteers were pleasant and picking up bibs et al went smoothly and efficiently.

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Play, Stay and Dine Promotion from Disney World

In addition to the Winter discount released earlier this morning, Walt Disney World has released a Play, Stay and Dine promotion for the same dates, January 2 to March 7, 2013.  This promotion is also the same as the Disney Visa offer released last week.  For bookings through December 31, 2012, based on availability, save up to $600 on your Walt Disney World Resort package that includes tickets and dining.

Little Mermaid standard rooms at the Art of Animation and 3-bedroom villas are excluded from the promotion.  Contact Travel On A Dream today for your quote!


Winter Promotion out for Walt Disney World

There was a little delay in the release this morning, but the Winter discounts are now available for Walt Disney World.  Discounts up to 35% are available for most dates between January 2 and March 7, 2013.  We are not seeing two discounts like we did last week with the Disney Visa offer.

Discount percentages vary from resort to resort and are not based solely on the resort category (value, moderate, deluxe, deluxe villa).  The discount is not available for all nights at all resorts and is subject to availability.  The offer must be booked by December 31, 2012.

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